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  • Artist Hideout
    Project ideas, with helps along the way. Will mention new artists that catch the eye, and will dive into the historical lives of past artists and concepts for your own work.
  • Bad, Bad Art
    Weblog of commentary and reviews on contemporary, Conceptual, postmodern neo-Dadaist art.
  • Brighton Art Hussy
    A portal for the creative community of Brighton, UK. Photographers, Artists, Galleries and Exhibitions are all represented here. All creatives are welcome.
  • Draw A Line Somewhere
    A blog and community celebrating art. Created by a team of writers, art historians,lecturers and artists, this is a site for everyone interested in the history of art and its future.
  • Harsh Media Creative Arts Blog
    Blog discussing creative arts news, styles, jobs and trends. Often discusses the author's new music video projects.
  • Top 40 Music Sucks
    This blog is for the discriminating music fan who expects more out of what they listen to than what the music industry suits consider Top 40 music.
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