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  • Beyond The Ancients
    Recent DNA Evidence shows that before 28,000 B.C. There existed several versions of human. Did this evolutionary Dynamic, force men to genocide?
  • Like Gold Through Fire
    A psychological and spiritual guide to understanding the transforming power of suffering and its place in discovering joy and fulfillment.
  • Miranda
    Source of classic collectibles about the Knights of Malta, Maltese history & archaeology, Neolithic temples, Caravaggio paintings, the Hypogeum of Malta and Maltese cooking.
  • Novels By D. Rudd Wise
    Jess E. Hanes, treasure hunter, stops in Casablanca's Airport and is lone witness of an assassination of a Government Official.
  • Strike at the Heart (The First Mission)
    Sent to fight biological terror in East Africa, a U.S. Army unit is zapped into the past and struggles back.
  • The Adventure Tree- Branch II...
    Zak & Willow continue their journey of imagination, friendship and teamwork, and experience how believing in yourself can help others.
  • To Ride the Wild Condor
    Experience freedom as represented by some of the U.S. most memorable sites as seen by a bird in flight.
  • Tusky Book
    An educational picture storybook dealing with sibling rivalry and the dangers of making impulsive decisions.
  • Zoia's Gold
    Information on the novel ZOIA'S GOLD by Philip Sington and the extraordinary true story that inspired it. Includes archive photos from revolutionary Russia & 1920s Paris.

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